Dr. Sow. Indirabai Bhaskarrao Pathak
Mahila Kala Mahavidyalaya

Department of Music

Department of Music

Music being the integral part of our culture was introduced as a subject in the College in 1997. Student is admitted in the department after voice test, judging her ability and interest in the subject.

The department invites renowned artists for guidance of the students. Also the department organized a National Level Conference, Workshop and Short term Courses.

The department organizes classical and light music programmes on occasions like guru pournima, sharadostav, etc. It also arranges different competitions and students get the platform to participate in programmes at inter university and inter collegiate level. Many students are recipient of various awards.

The role played by the Music department in organizing various cultural and entertainment programmes, is praise worthy. Music department provides a soothing effect and is on effective media for national integration.