Dr. Sow. Indirabai Bhaskarrao Pathak
Mahila Kala Mahavidyalaya



The college gives Scholarships and Educational Concessions awarded by Government.

The following benefits are available to the deserving students :

  • E.B.C. Free Studentship.
  • Scholarship and educational Concession to the Children of Freedom Fighters.
  • Educational Concessions to the children of primary School Teachers, etc.
  • Government of India Scholarship to the S.C. / S.T. / OBC and D.N.T. Student.
  • Educational Concession to the children of Jawans / Ex Serviceman.
  • State Government Open Merit Scholarship.
  • Free Studentship to Backward Class Students.

The educational concessions and scholarships mentioned above will not be available to students who do not appear at the university Examination. Such students are liable to pay College fees and other dues.